First, we study the survival in the environment and the propagation of DNA to other organisms. DNA is commonplace ordinarily in the space we normally live in. In the state of single-stranded DNA, it is a relatively stable substance in a room temperature environment, and it becomes more stable when DNA is double-stranded. Therefore, since the number of bases of the final double-stranded DNA generated in our project is about 200 bases, it can be said that survivability is high in terms of survivability in the environment. However, since carriers such as viruses are not used, the possibility of DNA propagation to other organisms is quite low. Next, consider the emergence of unexpected properties. In this case, when using DNA origami, we use M13 virus DNA but because DNA Origami strictly designs DNA sequence etc. to shape its structure, unexpected such as recombination of DNA itself may occur itself It can be said that there is nothing. Discuss risk assignment issues. In this regard, it is considered that risk assessment should be performed because it is said that we use fluorescent substances such as FAM to intercalate into DNA, but how much time, how long, how often will we take in the body there is no data that has an adverse effect on the human body, so we believe that setting the criteria for risk assessment is an issue. Consider biosecurity. Regarding this, the system we are trying to develop is considering operation in the field of simulation. Although it seems that there are different operation methods, since it can be said that this system mimics the biological system to the last, it is thought that the simulation system using the electronic computer is more accurate and calculates influential results even if it is used militarily. Regarding bioethics, we do not deal with animals and do not recombine genes, so it can be said that there is no contradiction to bioethics. Regarding the Domestic Law of Cartagena already mentioned, it is said that it does not go against the law because it has not done gene recombination and does not handle animals.

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