Our goal is that we design DNA QR code by the other method, which our seniors couldn’t design 4 years ago.
To achieve this goal, we need to design micro QR code expressing the dot of QR code with dumbbell hairpin.

When we bond dumbbell hairpins to DNA origami, it cannot be put in the same position of the adjacent duplex due to the limitation of the phase. Therefore, it is necessary to insert every other line in the direction perpendicular to the same surface. As a result, we need three DNA origami sheets to express all of the QR code.

However, it was not possible to connect three DNA origami sheets due to their repelling. So this time we narrowed the interval by bringing the next dumbbell hairpin to an oblique position and expressed it with one sheet.

As shown in the above figure, the shape of QR code became a rhombus, since the black part was arranged diagonally, Besides, as an advantage of this form, we can be connected easily with less repelling when we connect a DNA origami each other, since the end of the duplex strand comes out from all four sides,

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